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Hi there! It's nice to meet you!

Now you have a face to the name and can see who made the product you just bought. Pretty cool, huh? I have been a wedding planner, event professional and owner of my sister company, Jillian Jensen Events, since 2014. In early 2021, I decided it was time that I started getting back to one of my true passions - art and making with my actual hands. And thus, Jillian Jensen Creative and this shop was born! I pair my extensive wedding knowledge with a passion for art and creativity to bring you all the product you see here. From my home to yours, I make all of the products you see in this shop by hand so you know you are getting the very best love and care.


 If there is something you want that isn't listed here, please reach out and ask! I'm happy to create new, custom items to fit your personal style!