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Wedding To Do List

Wedding To Do List


After being a wedding planner and business owner of Jillian Jensen Events for six years and being a part of over 115 weddings, I know the Wedding To Do List inside and out. This is my well crafted, easy to understand Master Wedding To Do List that I give to all of my full planning clients. 


This list splits your planning into seven digestable chunks: 

18 - 12 months out from your wedding

8 months out from your wedding

5 months out from your wedding

3 months out from your wedding

2 months out from your wedding

1 month out from your wedding

and the Final 2 weeks


Each timeframe has it's own beautifully designed page that is very easy to read, includes a notes section for you, and even a place for a gold star to pat yourself on the back with! I've also included my handwritten notes in the margins to give you my tips and tricks.


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